2018-2019, Städelschule, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt am Main.

2013-2016, Chelsea College of Arts, London.

2012-2013, Manchester School of Art, Manchester.

Exhibtions, Performances & Screenings

2018, Where Are You In These Interesting Times?, Scaffold Gallery at AIR Gallery, Altrincham.

2018, localhost:AVD, IRL online exhibtion shown at APT Live, APT Gallery, London & New Materialities in the Digital Age, Harlesden High Street, London.

2018, Phantom Limb Fundraiser, Corsica Studios, London.

2017, Birthday Party: 9 Ways To Tell Yourself Everything Will Be Fine, DJ set, APT Gallery, London.

2017, A Show About The Show, Scaffold Gallery at Bankley Gallery, Manchester.

2017, X, Blip Blip Blip Gallery, East Street Arts, Leeds.

2016, Parallax #2, Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Arts, London.

2016, Open16 Live Night, Peckham Platform, London.

2016, 25 Years In Brixton: A Baytree Fundraising Exhibition, Brixton East, London.

2016, Chelsea Undergraduate Summer Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London.

2016, X - Position, part of the Susak Expo Biennale, Gallerie 531, Susak.

2016, Kino 2, Spike Open, Bristol.

2015, 2025, 43 Lewisham Way, Goldsmiths College, London.

2015, Lost Cache, Apiary Studios, London.

2015, Kino 1, Spike Open, Bristol.


2018, Parallax, edited by Pawel Mendrek & Martin Newth, ASP Katowice, Katowice & UAL, London.

2015, Diagram Publication, edited by Rhiannon Moxham & Polly Welsby, London.